About Us

Morocco Film Equipment Rental & Services (MFERS) considered by industry experts to be one of the leading equipment rental houses in Morocco. For two decades MFERS, has successfully met the needs of the most demanding directors of photography, and offers filmmakers great flexibility and high production value. Additionally, MFERS invoices are accepted by Moroccan officials for a 20% tax cash rebate.

Our Service

Morocco Film Equipment Rental & Services (MFERS) is unrivaled in supplying high-end equipment, advice and support. Our spacious test rooms, with state-of-the-art facilities, are staffed by a team of knowledgeable, dedicated technicians who advise on the most suitable equipment for your needs and budget. They are also available to assist your crew in preparation for the start of a shoot. Once production is under way, we are always on call.

Our Equipment

Morocco Film Equipment Rental & Services (MFERS) offers a wide range of equipment maintained to the highest standards by internationally trained technicians. From Scorpio, L.E.D lights, ARRI M series, J.L .Fisher dollies, cranes with three axis hotheads, and much more, we provide equipment for all your needs. MFERS believes strongly in assisting productions no matter the budget, always providing the most suitable and affordable gear. 

Featured Services

Shooting Permits

MFERS responsible for the finding and securing locations to be used, obtaining all needed fire, police and other governmental permits, and coordinating the logistics involved for the production to successfully complete its necessary work.

Hotels & Caterings

Depending on the location, due to our ongoing relationships with the majority of hotels throughout Morocco, we are able to arrange hotel accommodations for both your talent and crew, while working in accordance with your budget.


We have reputable and highly trained transport manpower, along with additional resources to facilitate your successful filming experience in Morocco.

Drone Services

Looking for high definition or 4k aerial filming that is easily achievable? We can help you obtain the perfect aerial photography needed for your film project.

MFERS Experts

Our highly experienced team of professionals are here to assist you before, during, after your production.

Quality Control

Each item of equipment that we rent is hand inspected, cleaned, and expertly packed by our technicians.