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Chapman Hustler IV

Camera mount height (without Risers): 150cm / 60” Camera mount height (with std 12” Riser): 180cm / 72” Min. camera mount height (without Risers): 48cm / 18” Minimum camera mount height (with standard 12” Riser): 78cm ...

Chapman Hybrid III

Low lens setup with HYBRID drop down attachment: 2.5cm / 1.0” (measured to camera base from ground) Max. boom travel: 111.7cm /44.0” Max. height without riser: 166cm / 5’ 51⁄2” Carrying capacity of camera plate (extended ...

Chapman Super Peewee IV

Min. camera mount height position 1 – low mode: 38.1cm / 1’ 3” position 2 – 45° mode: 56.5cm / 1’ 101⁄4” position 3 – 90° mode: 61.6cm / 2’ 1⁄4” position 4-extender mode: 40.6cm / ...

Matador Dolly

A lightweight, low base dolly with pneumatic tyres. A non-slip carpet layer is fixed to the platform. Can be widened with sideboards which are supplied as standard. Steerable from either end. Supplied with additional trackwheels.

Rickshaw Dolly

Perfect for handheld, Steadicam or hard mounted tracking shots. Lightweight construction but sturdy. Adjustable pull handle. 26” bicycle wheels for smooth surfaces. Supplied with additional off road wheels. Fits through a 28” doorway. Boss mount.