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We have selected a few questions our clients often ask.

If you need the equipment for 1 day, for example on April 7, we make the equipment available for you to pick up the day before (April 6) at 4:00 pm. You can use the equipment on April 7. You must return the equipment before 12 noon, April 8. We will charge you only for one day, i.e. April 7. The buffer time on April 6 and April 8 is provided to accommodate exceptions on your end as well as ours. You should NOT plan to use the equipment during this buffer duration. You will be charged for an extension only if you pick up equipment earlier than 4 pm on April 6 or return it later than 12 noon on April 8. If your equipment is not available at the start of the buffer time (4:00 pm), we will inform you so you can plan to pick it up later during the buffer period.

When we reserve equipment for you, it is held against all competing inquiries. Once you confirm your reservation, we turn down inquiries from all other customers for that equipment. In this scenario, if you cancel your reservation at short notice (within a week of the pickup date), this is very likely to leave the equipment idle and hence is treated as a cancellation.

  • Reservations will be cancelled / modified only by email from the customer’s registered email ID. No verbal cancellations or modifications will be actioned. The date of receipt of the email will be treated as the date of intimation of cancellation.

  • Reservations can be cancelled wholly or partly up to seven days before the pickup date of the original rental period with no charge. Reservations cancelled within 7 days from the pickup date will be charged 50% of the total rent as cancellation charges.

  • In the case of no-shows or cancellations on the day of pickup, the full rent will be charged.

  • Modifications to rental periods or items may be treated as cancellations if the revised order value is lower than the value of the original order.

  • Rentals can only be extended after our formal confirmation. Such extensions are charged at the rate of 15% of the per-day rent for each hour of extension beyond the return time.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us immediately of any potential delays in the return. Failure to do so will result in an unauthorized extension.

  • Extensions without our explicit confirmation will be treated as unauthorized extensions.

  • Any unauthorized extension will be treated as a new rental and charged at 1.5 times the normal rental rate. Additionally, such an extension may also incur lost rental charges for any rentals that could not be delivered due to the extension. Unauthorized extensions may, at our discretion, be treated as default and will be sufficient cause to initiate recovery proceedings.

Regardless of how many days you use the equipment, your rental will be charged as per your pickup and return dates. Please do not request a non-chargeable early pickup or late return beyond your pickup and return buffers, as we will not be able to accommodate those requests.

If you intend to rent equipment for alternate days, each rental is treated as a separate order and must be picked up and returned as per the individual scheduled times. If you retain the equipment for the intermediate day, you will be charged for that day as well.

We offer a reducing rate as the rental duration increases. Additionally, we run promotional offers on certain equipment. Apart from these, our charges are not negotiable.

Modification of your rental order after it is picked up is possible only under certain circumstances. Please contact your booking representative as soon as you realise that you may have to modify your rental order.

Depending on your specific case this may or may not be possible. Please get in touch with our registration team for assistance around this.

We accept online payments through our payment gateway and Credit/Debit cards and cash at our office. We do not accept cheques or foregin currency.