Blonde 2000w

 Cinelight Blonde 2K is a compact, lightweight, quartz multi-purpose flood/fill light ideal for any location lighting applications. It uses a double-ended lamp. Has a round face and an adjustable reflector for flood / spot control. The mechanism changes the globe’s position relative to the reflector, so the reflector sends out a wide beam when the globe is close to the reflector and a narrower beam when the globe is pulled away from the reflector. Designed to operate high temperature tungsten-halogen lamps, and are well suited for use in tight or confined spaces where maximum light output and beam spread are required for fill or flood lighting.These types of fixtures are well kown for their durability in time, portability and luminous efficiency.  Cinelight Blonde 2000W provides greater light output per watt than a 2K Fresnel, making it a good choice for bounce sources but can also be used as a direct source just by adding  light diffusion.