DACIA DOKKER for quick and emergency deliveries

Accesible Vehicle for the transport of a person in wheelchair. Available in various configurations, with 2 or 3 seats available next to the wheelchair, depending on its location. In addition, when the wheelchair is not in the vehicle, the access ramp can be folded and turned into the floor of the luggage carrier, all the 5 original seats being available. The uniqueness of this solution is given by the Future Safe kit, which offers protection and comfort to the person transported in the wheelchair, through the dorsal support and the head restraint. Fast and easy to handle even by one person, this system, in combination with the base vehicle Dacia Dokker, is appreciated for its robustness, spaciousness, ease of maintenance and the vast network of authorized repairers – it is ideal to be implemented by the taxi companies, which according to the Law no. 448/2006 on the protection and promotion of persons with disabilities, must provide at least one vehicle adapted to the transport of persons who use a wheelchair.