2.5 kw HMI

The Prolight 2500 Watt HMI Fresnel light combines the advantages of single-ended lamp technology with a short focal Fresnel lens to optimize light performance, while considerably reducing size and weight.

The light can be used with an optional 2500 watt single-ended HMI bulb and gives extremely high output in spot mode. While in flood mode it provides a smooth, even, beautiful spread that will make you think the light has much higher wattage.

When fitted with a 2500 watt HMI bulb, this fixture will emit a beam of 2024 footcandles 3.7 feet in diameter from a distance of 30 feet, @ full spot.

This fixture will emit a beam of 156 footcandles 34.6 in diameter from 30 feet, @ full flood.

Focusable compact fresnel head with Safety Switch, selector for 1200 or 2500 watts.
Different ballasts are available to power this fixture.
Accepts 13″ diameter accessories, available separately.