4/2.5 kw HMI

  • 2,500 or 4,000W Lamps
  • 1 1/8″ Stand Mount
  • Lens-less MAX Technology
  • 30% Brighter than ARRISUN 40/25
  • 6.6 lb Lighter than ARRISUN 40/25
  • IP23 Rating
  • 18 – 52� Focusing Range
  • Cross Cooling Allows Safe Operation
  • Compensation for Cable Loss (CCL)
  • Takes Same Accessories as ARRISUN 40/25

The ARRI M40 HMI Head is a location work horse. Whenever you need to punch light through a silk or bounce light off a reflective surface, an M40 is the ultimate answer. At the design stage, the interaction of lamp, reflector and converter lens was taken into consideration and computer simulated, resulting in unmatched performance. The M40 can be fitted with a 2,500 or 4,000W single-ended HMI lamp, making it a very versatile lighting fixture.

The M40 uses lensless MAX technology to combine the characteristics of a Fresnel and PAR source. With a focus range of 18 – 52�, normally only achieved with supplementary lenses, the M40 outperforms the brightness of its predecessor, the ARRISUN 40/25 by approximately 30% while throwing an even beam with sharp shadows. Innovations include CCL, which compensates for power loss when using long cables and Cross Cooling which separates the electronics from the lamp housing, thus ensuring greater longevity of the head and lamp.

Structurally, the M40 employs a robust, tubular steel yoke and disc brakes to safely lock down the head when tilting. The head weighs in 6.6 lb lighter than its predecessor due to intelligent design, while it’s still able to use all of the ARRISUN 40/25’s accessories. Don’t worry about moist locations either; the M40 has an IP23 weather-resistant rating.