The Scorpio Arm is a Robotic camera crane controlled from inside the camera car.
The Arm is able to rotate 360 Degrees continuously around the vehicle at high speeds. The images are stable and dynamic and the crew safely protected by seat belts and airbags inside the vehicle.

The stabilised head and a camera are attached to The Stabilised Arm which is attached to the outside of the vehicle.
The arm has three possible lengths 12ft/3.6m, 14ft/4.3m and 18.5ft/5.6m

Inside the vehicle is the driver, arm operator, camera operator, director and focus puller. All of them are communicating with the precision driver via wireless headphones and viewing images from 6 x HD monitors.

The design of the arm allows camera heights as high as other existing equipment, maintaining its centre of gravity closer to the car than our competitors.
With this design the system is more stable and safe.

This digitally controlled system allows pre-recorded positions, set limits, movement memory, making the Scorpio Arm the most technologically advanced of its kind by far.