At Teradek, we’re committed to providing the best user experience and reliability in all of our devices. That’s why we’re happy to announce some major upgrades to our Bolt line of products!

All current generation models of Bolt (500, 1000 & 3000) are receiving major upgrades to enhance wireless capabilities:

  • Built-In Spectrum Analyzer
  • Wired Pairing
  • Quality Select (Bolt 3000)
  • Broadcast Mode (Bolt 3000)
  • Support for China Region

Built-In Spectrum Analyzer

The spectrum analyzer helps detect and identify the strength of RF signals in your environment, allowing you to manually select the best frequencies to utilize. Whether you’re using a single Bolt or multiple Bolts, the spectrum analyzer helps to determine which channels will deliver the clearest video for each unit.

Identifying the optimal frequencies will also benefit your entire toolkit of other wireless devices. Teradek products like the Link access point, Serv Pro and COLR can all be manually set to specific channels. At the same time, most wireless follow focus systems and even camera control workflows can manually select specific channels.